Sead Kazanxhiu

I Have a Home

2015, Albania


About Sead Kazanxhiu

Born in Baltëz, Fier, in 1987, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. His artistic quest focuses on themes related to his being a Roma artist and to Roma concerns. His work provokes and challenges the traditional perception of Roma population in Albania and abroad, probing into some of the paradoxes of his country. Drawing inspiration only from entities close to him or events of his everyday life, he uses art as a reaction to the surroundings. He currently lives and works in Tirana.


2013 Roma Monument in front of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, Tirana
2012 Third Annual Symposium for Roma Sculptors, Brno, Czech Republic
2012 Jaw Dikh, Poland
2012 “Model”, University of Central Europe, Budapest, Hungary
2012 KuglerArt Szalon Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
2011 Jaw Dikh, Poland
2009 Installation of tires with snake-colour motives, New Orleans, USA

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