Steps of making an album

Creating personalized photographic products is very simple with Album Epoca. This is another reason we chose this company as a partner in the printing sector. Besides the fact that Album Epoca products are of the highest quality in the world, they are also easily accessible. Moreover, through professional training programs like AE Academy and the dedicated support of a highly specialized staff in design and photography, there is no other better way to be at the forefront of the dynamic and evolving market of professional photography.

You can easily create any Epoca Album product by following these steps:

1. If you are not yet our costumer send as a email at or register directly on our portal HERE.
Our staff will contact you for presentation of our products, services, offers, prices, etc. and will provide you with all the information you need as well as help you make your first albums and samples for your studio. This is just the beginning; we consider our customers a valuable partner and we establish a symbiotic relationship with them with the aim of growing together. If you are our client and are interested in the AE Membership program, contact us immediately. You know better than anyone our efficiency and our sense of cooperation.

2. Choose and easily customize our products:
– If you need to do create an Wedding Album, choose a cover from hundreds of combinations by consulting our configurator online HERE . Always online, you can customize an Event Album, with a photo cover or covered in dozens of colored materials HERE . If you are looking for a handmade frame, choose here HERE and personalize it directly online HERE . If you have a good story with few photos, customize a Mated Prints HERE . You can also customize a USB & Box HERE and choose other hundreds of dedicated products and services.

      • After selecting the right product and customizing the cover, go ahead choosing the type of paper, the binding, the various first accessories and select the photos to use in the story to tell.
      • Now you have to put the photos in your album. You have three options to do this:
      • You can lay out with a program that you usually use and we can provide you with our crooplines, color profiles, etc. Or you can download them here here.
      • You can create e desing directly from the site with AE Veloce, a professional software in free use for our customers, software that accelerates your workflow process. Furthermore, for free we can offer you programs like Epoca Software, AE Studio and Smart Albums – EJAlbum License. So, you only have the choice of some of the best software on the market. We also offer the opportunity, always for free, to teach and train you with the best skills of these programs and show you all their potential. In addition to consulting and training in design skills, of course.
      • You can use our Full Service Design service, clearly stated: send us your photos by uploading them to our portal or with a wetransfer link and our staff will design your album in a maximum of two days. Of course, you are an active part of the process, you can request changes, make suggestions, etc. It is important for us that our matching has to be efficient, but each album should be as the customer deserves; the best possible. Our staff is a partner of our photographers in the creation of over 2,500 projects in Albania over the last 10 years. Both these personal albums or printed in thousands of pieces.

3. Select the accessories and the combined products. Never forget your customers’ family or friends, just one click away from bring to duplicated a project and you can use the Concept1 coupon to get a 50% discount on the dublicati. You can also add a frame, you can select the most significant photos and order Mated Prints, you can create a calendar, a USB BOX, or you can surprise your customers with dozens of affiliated products.

Remember that you can gild your album in real gold, silver or steel, you can customize it with a Wedding Box and why not; deliver the album in an elegant leather bag in three colors. The Event and New Event Albums can be customized with Premium Boxes, internal pages with the same cover material, etc.

Don’t forget to sign your albums with the name of your studio sculpted next to Album Epoca. You are artist, artists always sign their works, in our case it will be incised forever, not only on the album, but in the memory of your customers.

4. Order the album directly online or get help from our customer service. You can also use our service of color correction. We will communicate to you every step of the production or you can check it on the portal and as soon as the album is in Albania, we will deliver it to your studio. Upon request, we can deliver it directly to your customers in Albania and anywhere in the world. And don’t forget that you have no cost for shipping to Albania and that like any EJAlbum service or product, you have a “Satisfied or refunded” guarantee. All our products have a two-year European guarantee, guaranteed by their manufacturer. They are manufactured to the highest possible standards to last a lifetime.

5. Upon request, to finalize your work and increase the range of products you offer to your customers, in addition to the accessories mentioned above, we can print on photographic paper from the usual postcard 10×15 cm at enlargements up to 100×200 cm, always in C-Print and always in high quality photo papers with color correction. In addition, we can mount your photos in support like; Piuma (K-Foam) with or without border, in Legger with different types of border, in aluminum 5-10 mm, in dibond, in canvas with or without frame, in Plexiglas, etc. Always with the highest possible quality and in standard with our photo albums. You can use it to increase your commercial offer, but why not also to finalize various works such as portfolios, samples, catalogs and also to furnish your studio, showroom and create photographic exhibitions.

6. Our customer service is the best way to get to know our world, but also to help you at any stage of a project or to create a product. Structured with almost 24 hours of online chat support from www.album based in Italy, as well as with an internal service offered directly by our team in the Tirana offices, every weekday, from 09:00 to 19:00 or 24 hours by e-mail at We have created the opportunity to be in constant contact and to support you as much as possible in your workflow that we know very well and we are able to understand it immediately. So do not hesitate to use all possible ways to seek our help and support. Also, remember that our Tirana showroom is designed to give you the opportunity to use it whenever you need a meeting with your customers or to show them more closely and more specifically your wide range of Made in Italy products.