Alfred Temali

False Idols

2015, Albania

About Alfred Temali

He was born in Shkodra in 1963. Communist regime forbade him from attending any arts school, that’s why he is a self-taught artist. Alfred Temali has worked in Greece as a restorer and has regularly participated in the exhibitions in his hometown where he is also member of “Kolë Idromeno” artistic organization. The artist’s work speaks of the domination of money and drugs that has gripped the world and is leading to an inevitable end. In this work is clearly seen the money and the leaves of cannabis that surrounds the Earth, while the planet itself gives the impression of a sick face with empty eyes, like a skull.


2014 “Autumn”, Shkodra Gallery of Arts, Shkodra, Albania
2011 “Hall of autumn”, Shkodra Gallery of Arts, Shkodra, Albania
2008 “Paintbrush of Dukagjini”, Shkodra Gallery of Arts, Shkodra, Albania
1998 Solo exhibition, Zacharo Culture Center, Pyrgos, Greece


Albania / Knots

Artwork info


Collage, Acrylic