Artan Shalsi


2015, Albania


About Artan Shalsi

Born in Berat in 1970, in 2003 he moved to Parma, Italy, where he has been living and working ever since. His sculptures and art installations belong to that kind of art that considers form as a simple identity. Geometry and linear volume mark the basis of his work; they lose balance until known perceptions are completely transformed. The artist is interested in paving a way towards opportunities for new identities.


2012 “Horizon”, Solo exhibition, Il Ponte Gallery, Florence, Italy
2010 “Art First”, Niccoli Gallery, Parma, Italy
2009 “One work placed permanently in the park of sculptures”, Pablo Atchugarry Foundation, Uruguay
2000 Solo exhibition, Gabriel’s Gallery, Postbauer-Heng, Germany
1999 Solo exhibition, Edward Lear Gallery, Berat, Albania
1997 First prize at Kodra ’97 art competition, Edward Lear Gallery, Berat, Albania


Albania / Knots

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metal sculpture