Kosta Koçi

The Light and the Colors Around

2015, Albania

About Kosta Koçi

Born in Tirana in 1963, he graduated in 1982 in Sculpture and Ceramics from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. In 1988 he worked in the Kinostudio animation studios in Tirana. Since 1992 he works as a freelance artist in his atelier in Tirana, Athens and    Mantova. The artist admits that the canvas, with these dimensions defined in advance by the organizers, a small format, gave him desire to play with it. The colors, as important tools for its fulfillment, take these places: the white light, is at the center while the other colors are formed around it, in different quadrants. This painting indirectly involves a small and great artist’s work; what he creates with sculpture and painting together.


2015 “Timeless Celebration”, Zeta Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2009 “People & Time”, Zeta Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2010 City Gallery, Mantova, Italy
1996 National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania
1995 Galeria Academius, Athens, Greece
1993 Paderborn, —Germany



Oil on Canvas


Albania / Knots


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