All professional photographers who believe that what they create is art. EJAlbum offer a continuous investment aimed at perfecting your work.

Most of the professional photographers in Albania are EJAlbum customers. This site will soon have a dedicated area with their virtual profiles and a blog on the sector.
If you are a photographer, to register as our customer you can send an email, you can call or register on the or in our dedicated customer area.

In any case, it is advisable to book a meeting with our sales agents who, in addition to advising on products and services, have the ability to assist you specifically with the first orders so that you can automate the work flow processes.

If you are not a photographer but a bride or a groom, if you are parents who have made a photo shoot for their children, customers of photo studios or simply photography enthusiasts who want to print memories on our professional products, just look for EJAlbum and its products or services at every professional photographer, photo studio, wedding agency etc. If they are not our customers, send us an e-mail and we will immediately direct you to our point near you. However, it is impossible not to find us among the over 200 photography professionals who are EJAlbum customers.

Of course, our customers are all those who in their business have events or photography such as: photo shops, art galleries, wedding agencies, model agencies, creative and / or public relations agencies, etc. We have thousands of products and services that we have been offering to them for years. If you are not yet our customer, don't waste any precious time. You and your clients deserve the best.

Over the years we have consolidated branches of our business dedicated to photographic materials, professional printing, professional typography, organization of exhibitions and events, expertise, consultancy etc. Some of the entities we have collaborated with over the years are important market players, public and private institutions and important companies. They will also have a dedicated section on this website and a portal to facilitate access to our platforms, just like photographers and studios who have access to dedicated portals such as AE Backend, MyComposer, EasyPrint, etc.
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