Questions & Answers ( FAQ )

1. Why should i choose a photobook for my album?
Because the quality is undoubtedly superior to traditional photo albums. We use high quality materials and the best print on the market. Themanifacturing of the album is a unique process, from the layout to the cover, created by craftsmen who have been doing this job for decades. Another aspect is the fact that several copy of albums can be created immediately for parents and other relatives. And finally: a photo book is much more elegant than a normal photo album. Try to compare them.

2.Does a photo book cost more than a traditional album?
It depends on the cover chosen, the format and the number of pages. We have 4 product lines, 3 bindings, almost 12 types of paper combined with over 700 types of covers, from the simplest to the finest quality leather and with applications, metal initials etc. We also have the possibility of gilding pages in gold, silver or steel and many other accessories. In terms of a direct comparison, the photo book doesn’t cost any more than a traditional one, just make a comparison in the market between prices of enlargements of your photos with the prices of the pages of our albums. Let's not forget also that in the absence of a professional album, having available a support in which there are hundreds of photos, perhaps delivered by the photographer, the tendency is to print almost everything, to make different enlargements and albums, even for relatives , with consequent incalculable expenses for a really mediocre quality. Obviously all this depends on your photographer's prices.

3. What if I like traditional albums?
No problem. Photography has a fascinating attraction for the past and it is right that technology does not prevent this. We love photography in all its forms and we have a wonderful collection of traditional albums, guaranteed for life and also Made in Italy. They have an artisanal quality, modern as well as traditional covers, they are a design object for your living rooms, offices and showrooms. Just print your photos and paste them into the pages of our traditional albums to immediately create something memorable and special.

4. What is the difference between hot binding and others?
This alsois one of the reasons we chose Album Epoca. Because they are the only one that implements this technology in an entire production protocol certified and invented by them. Undoubtedly the hot binding offers maximum longevity and quality because the chemical process is controlled and does not damage pages, as usually happens with other albums, where over time this process deforms the sheets and causes yellowing and in many cases stains on the surface of the pages. Hot binding guarantees the same result both on the first day and throughout the entire life of the album. We wanted your album to live at least as long as you do. Wish that we call already exceeded. It will also be browsed by future generations.

5. Why do you say that each album is different from another?
Because their combinations are innumerable. Let's do some counts: 4 product lines, over 700 covers in various collections. Every year the collections are renewed with new different covers or reinterpretations of the previous ones. Another reason why we chose Album Epoca, precisely because it is the only company that works in this way. 3 types of bindings, more than 12 types of paper and printed technology. All of these have to be multiplied by dozens of very different graphic layout styles. Each album has a number of pages according to the needs and possibilities ranging from 30 pages, up to 120. Add here the possibility of gold, steel or silver gilding, laser applications, metal initials clamps, etc. As a result, there are millions of different combinations for each annual collection, and despite our optimism, we never hope to have so many customers.

6. Why don't we sell our albums directly to brides?
Because we think that photography is an art and the photographer is the artist who creates it. He is the one who was present on your most beautiful day, he is the one who participated in every moment during your wedding. With him you share dreams and desires to document all the important moments of that day. He is the only one who can choose from hundreds of photographs that best present him and your event. Your photographer is an author and for us he is the key person in the whole process. In the end, in this way our albums can cover the whole country in a capillary way without other unnecessary expenses to reach us. We have also given to some agencies the opportunity to make our albums, because, like photographers, they share with you every detail of what will remain in your mind, as well as printed on your beautiful and unique album, one of the most beautiful and important days of your life.

7. Is it useful to create photo books for other events?
It is even more and not just photo books. You can chose some of the most beautiful photographs of your family or your life even if they are still film or printed. Just scan them and we will make a photo album for that occasion. You can also create photo books for your engagement, birthday, graduation, etc. Our product range contains a series of photo albums with different covers, digital offset albums etc. depending on the budget and the importance of the event. And not to be underestimated the albums for babies, children or teenagers, and finally, a photo book can be a fascinating and unforgettable gift. In the same way we can make several other products, enlargements, montages, frames, canavas of different sizes, photo calendars, personalized diaries, USB, mated prints, etc. You can even order them directly from your computer and also from your smartphone.

8. What is a "Book"?
Every professional model, as well as every artist or stylist knows the agencies' answer when you contact them: "Please send me your Book". To have a career in the world of entertainment today, a professional photo book is a must. For the first time in Albania, we are implementing it with extraordinary quality and, above all, according to all the standards required by the agencies in Milan, Paris, New York and, consequently, all over the world. An important role is played by the work of the photographer on which the creation of our album is based. A similar product is the "product book" in which companies professionally exhibit precious details of their best products or even just photographic campaigns for fairs and workshops. Of course, this product in its perfection and excellent value for money can be used professionally in various sectors.

For other questions do not hesitate to write us HERE. We will reply as soon as possible.