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FRAKTURA Spaç 2023





F R A K T U R A 

Fatos Lubonja | Ardian Isufi

Ekspozitë | Diskutim Publik 

Organizuar nga: Konrad Adenauer  Foundation  

Datë: 25.02.2023 | Ora: 11:00  

Vendi: Ish-Burgu i Spaçit, Shqipëri 

Kuruar nga: Elton Koritari
MeWe Contemporary Center | EJAlbum

“FRAKTURA” establishes an alternative artistic intervention – accompanied by a public discussion – in an important place of the Albanian Collective Memory such as the high security Spaç prison. Forced labor camp, where thousands of persecuted Albanians have spent their lives, despite the condition degraded by Time and Forgetfulness, Spaç remains among the emblems of the cruelty of the Albanian communist dictatorship and of resistance towards it. With a great emotional charge, this place invites to dialogue between artifacts, installations, memories, items, documents but also narratives that tell the story of an institution that de jure has had the main task of administering the suffering of prisoners, but de facto has achieved complete isolation and attempted the annihilation of man.



The exhibition emphasizes the essential difference between the places of Memory and their representation – the beginning of an open and concrete discussion about the museumization of these places in Albania. It investigates what Fatos Lubonja describes as “Albanian national-communism” – the existence of an ideological system based on violence but also on cultural assimilation, a legacy of the dictatorial period even in today’s Albanian culture. Furthermore, the event invites the public to an active participation through a unique experience, to better understand the past in a reflection on its consequences in the present, with the sublime aim of actively distancing itself from what remains of its ideology and to try to write a new identity history of the country.


About the artists: 

Fatos Lubonja and Ardian Isufi are two polyhedral artists who operate in a multidisciplinary way in the contemporary art scene. In this “site-specific” exhibition, as well as in the public sphere, they engage as always between art and political activism, having the deep conviction that the fractures created by totalitarian ideologies are the cause of a cultural clash between intellectual layers of the country and as such, those fractures can never be overlooked, on the contrary, they must be analyzed with a critical spirit and thus, must be repaired.


The program:

08:15 Meeting and departure from Tirana

11:00 – 11:30 Arrive in Spaç 


Prof. Asoc. Ardian Isufi Artist, professor at Tirana University of Arts

Fatos Lubonja Author, publicist and former prisoner in Spaç 

Dr. Tobias Rüttershoff,  Director of KAS in Albania 


11:30 – 12:30  

Open exhibition “FRAKTURA” 

12:30 – 13:30 Public Discussion: “Where it was, as it was”.

In the Panel: 

Prof. Asoc. Dr. Ardian IsufiArtist, professor at Tirana University of Arts

Fatos LubonjaAuthor, publicist and former prisoner in Spaç 

Dr. Tobias Rüttershoff, Director of KAS in Albania

Dr. Carmela Rosiello Historian

Elton Koritari Curator  



Return to Tiranë  


For further information or additional materials, don’t hesitate to contact us.

A press kit with materials and information about the exhibition can be downloaded here:

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