Web3.0 – From Generative Art to Generative AI Masterclass


Europe House Albania
June 22, 2023
10:30am – 13:30pm

This masterclass proposes an introduction and overview of the history and practice of Digital Art, Computational Creativity, Artificial Intelligence and of course, Generative Arts, especially in this important moment of expansion of those media in the art market but with an emphasis on the formal paradigms and algorithms used for generation. We want to inspire the young Albanian artists and transfer to them skills that helps to explore their potential to create art, music, novels and valuable artifacts in the era of NFT, D.A.P, Web 3.0, Chat-GTP, Metaverse, Blockchain, ect. and of course, all this in an aesthetic experience.

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6 photographers, 4 weekends in different cities in presence, 3 months of orientation and workshops with 6 mentors and professors in presence and online, a super team, a curator, 6 artistic projects and 1 exhibition. The “Pressura” is carried out within the framework of Smart Balkans and is an innovation of the Fokus Award 2023.

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My Europe

Through this invitation, we would like to make you part of the opening of the “MY EUROPE” Exhibition, which concludes a one-year project that encourages discussion on Europe through Art. The project “Art brings Europe closer to young people” aims to engage visual art artists in Albania and Kosovo, encourages the artistic creativity of young people with the Muse of Europe, contributes to the public discourse on the integration and European identity of Albanians.

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The Great Photography in Tirana


We are already in the next meeting of the project “The Great Photography in Tirana”, a project that aims to realize an organic cycle with meetings and workshops based on photography. It is conceived and realized by EJAlbum in collaboration with many cultural institutes and organizations in Albania. After the artists, Ferdinando Scianna, Oliviero Toscani, etc. this time we propose another world-famous photographer, the artist Peter Lindbergh.
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Auguri da EJAlbum!


“Le Sirene hanno un’arma ancora più terribile del canto, cioè il silenzio. Non è certamente accaduto, ma potrebbe essere che qualcuno si sia salvato dal loro canto, ma non certo dal loro silenzio. Al sentimento di averle sconfitte con la propria forza, al conseguente orgoglio che travolge ogni cosa, nessun mortale può resistere…” – Franz Kafka, Il Silenzio delle Sirene. Read more