Sulltane Tusha

Girls Room

2015, Albania

About Sulltane Tusha

Sulltane Tusha was born in Durrës in 1988. She graduated in 2013 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, where she lives and works. In the last two years, she focused on the study of deconstruction of an image taken from the memory of the experience, then rebuilt it according to the criteria of abstract painting, putting the pieces together to create a new story, or just a new perspective. The result is confusion and chaos where moving by logic becomes difficult, but paradoxically, a universal language is created where many may find themselves. In the same vein, she brings a work about which she says: “A distortion of facts, information, dates and room. An entertaining game of playing with creativity and intellectual reasons. Memories serve to illuminate the work, but in this case they are the work. Lived memories that find a new place in the future”.


2015 “Le Stanze d’Aragona”, Group exhibition, Rizzuto Gallery, Palermo, Italy
2014 “Celeste Choice”, Group exhibition, Format Gallery, Milan, Italy
2014 “Mutatosi in una pioggia d’oro: Painting as Performance”, Group exhibition, Demanio Marittimo. Km 278, Marzocca e Senigallia, Italy
2000, 2014 “Maniacs”, Group exhibition, Art Verona, Italy
2013 “Il Crepaccio Presents: Da Venezia a Porta Venezia”, Group exhibition, Milan, Italy


Albania / Knots

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