Cover of the month “Kyoto”

June 10, 2020

Cover of the month “Kyoto”

"Kyoto" Album

Formats and sizes

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cm 20x20 | 25x25 | 30x30 | 35x35 | 40x40

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cm 15x20 | 15x22 | 20x27 | 20x30 | 24x32 | 24x36 | 30x40 | 30x45

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cm 20x15 | 27x20 | 32x24 | 40x30


Solutions to make your album and photos even more unique.

Album colors

Stone cover.


When decoration turns into protection. This technique enhances the album and offers added protection to the pages over the years.

Options for relatives

Every event must be shared with our loved ones, that’s why we’ve created coordinated options for each album.

Add 2 albums

Add 2 albums

It is easy to duplicate the Album and create identical or smaller versions, keeping the same style and design. The layout can also be modified if needed.


To keep or display. Each album is wrapped in a satin bag inside its packaging, which can be customized and coordinated with the album graphics.

An even more prestigious, unique and one of a kind album item that will keep emotions forever.

Album Box with UV print

Album Box with UV print

The box is decorated with customizable UV prints, that can be coordinated with the album print.



For those who love carrying the album with them and share it with friends and relatives, the bag is the best solution.