Digital tools to speed up your work

Digital tools to speed up your work

Dear client,

First of all, we hope you and your loved ones are healthy and safe.

Within a few days, everyone’s routine has changed and the whole world has stopped working, but it will start again soon!

Make the most of the time you now have to improve your skills and update your most used digital tools.
You will be ready to resume your business and respond as quickly as possible to the needs of your customers, being able to work faster on your projects and partially recover lost sales of the past weeks.

To help you with your training we have created simple instructional videos and useful guides:

1) AE Veloce Tutorial Video

Short videos that show how to use our AE Veloce design program. Find all its features and abbreviations to quickly design your products, work with a set of photos and use backgrounds.
This way you will be able to adjust your process of presenting, confirming and distributing your next photo sessions.


2) Use ICC Color Profiles

Make sure the result of your project in Photoshop is correct by installing ICC Color Profiles, which allow you to place a video survey of the range of colors and tones that will be reproduced in the physical print. An essential color test to avoid surprises in the finished product.

Download color profile: Color Profile

3) Design correctly

Download the guide on the presentation rules you need to follow for the correct design of our products.

Download the guide:

Enjoy your training!

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