EJAlbum Photography Party

EJAlbum Photography Party

“It’s the end of the world, baby. Photography meets fashion “- This video is just a glimpse of our amazing Party for waitting 2013. Waiting for what the Maia preached – the end of the world. We organized this unforgettable night for Albanian photography, and more, thanks to the work and dedication of all the staff of the organization of this Party. EJAlbum therefore thanks in a special way:

Dj Jonko – Jonid Koritari, Armando and Arlee DeeJay from DeeJay Academy Albania for the wonderful atmosphere of music and lights, Fresida Koritari and Ani Mbrica for the participations and the welcome desc of EJAlbum, as well as all the organization work, the designer Joni Peçi and his models for the most elegant party and the inexhaustible creativity, Andis Rado for the set-up and lighting, Artemis Hajdini for his energy and his precious contribution, Ergys Zhabjaku for the organization of the photo shooting, Chef Arben Tenolli and Far-East Catering for the crazy sushi bar, Elvis Dako for the official video, the three photographers who helped during the photo shooting swith the special guests, Bevis Fusha, Armand Sallabanda and Avni Selmani. We thank Francesco Petrilli for the valuable support on his behalf but also for Album Epoca and Photosì, Vasken Spiru for his tireless work together with Jani Mbrica, Elton Koritari, Julinda Mbrica, Shpresa Koritari, Kamela Kondili for the design, all the other photographers who participate in the photographic shotting and above all we thank them for the elegance and professionalism, all our wonderful staff, the one of the Fashion Club Albania, as well as the collaborators in the promotion of the event.

We would like to thank all the participants, 250 people, mostly among the best photographers in Albania and some of them also from Macedonia and Kosovo; but also who have not been present. We wish to have transmitted some of that wonderful atmosphere of that long and unforgettable night. The Maya were wrong, it’s not the end of the world: other events will follow, even more surprising. Stay connected …

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