Ferdinando Scianna In Albania Documentary

Ferdinando Scianna In Albania Documentary

“The Great Italian Photography in Tirana” is one of the most important projects of EJAlbum that we organize in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Tirana. The first event, organized on April 17, 2014, was the visit to Albania – in fact a return after almost 30 years from the first visit in 1984 – of the important Italian photographer, member of the prestigious “Magnum” agency, Ferdinando Scianna . In the “Mother Teresa” room of the Albanian Opera and Ballet Theater, Scianna held a meeting in form of a “Lectio Magistralis” with over 400 participants including artists, photographers, personalities and more. The meeting was moderated by our PR, Julinda Mbrica in the presence of the Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Tirana, Mrs. Fulvia Veneziani, of the well-known Albanian photographer, Prof. Assoc. Albes Fusha and other personalities. The event aroused an extraordinary interest in Albania also having an important media coverage in the country and abroad.

This is a short documentary of the three-days of Ferdinando Scianna’s visit in Albania, made by our collaborator Elvis Dako. As always, stay tuned for the next event. Copyright @EJAlbum.

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