Bora Baboçi

Last Stroke of the Heel

2015, Albania


About Bora Baboçi

Born in 1988, she is focused on the study of folk culture and translating it into architecture, anthropology and visual arts. Once completing the academic studies abroad, she came back home and for several years, studied the architecture of informal areas, as well the folklore and mythology of the country. Since February 2015, Bora Baboçi is an Assistant Professor of Architecture in the Technical University of Berlin. Her Imago Mundi artwork is based on the Chamdance of “Osman Taka” – a folk legacy. This artwork avoids the direct idiom as well as the national and genitive symbols; it also intervenes graphically the rhythm of fustanella (Albanian kilt) – a contested folk piece of cloth. The exhibit emphasized the liberation of the dancer from the conscious references and paves the way to the release of gestures’ inheritance.


Graphic Drawing


Albania / Knots


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