Genti Tavanxhiu

Black Paper

2015, Albania


About Genti Tavanxhiu

Born in 1973 in Shkodra, since 1993 he is running his own studio in Italy and since 1996 he has participated in several competitions and has won numerous international awards. The artist’s genius lies in his ability to constantly renew the plastic language that takes its cue from the archetype of the culture of the past and reprocessing and interpreting them in a modern way. Stefano Papetti writes about: “[…] This is how sculptures are able of influencing the observer and make him think about the mysteries of creation, overcoming a bound vortex of the ephemeral suggestions suggested by the contemporary”.


Symposium’s organizer, Coordinator and Artist’s director of four International Sculpture Symposiums in Korçë, (Albania), the 1st International Sculpture Symposium in Elbasan (Albania) and three International Sculpture Symposiums in Travertine, Spinetoli (Italy). His monumental sculptures are held in many public places and private collections in Albania, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, France, Romania, Montenegro, Cyprus, Turkey, UEA, China, Japan, Egypt, Syria, USA.




Albania / Knots


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