Heldi Pema

Albania 1 Lek

2015, Albania

About Heldi Pema

Born in 1977 in Tirana and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the same city, Heldi is a conceptual artist who works in a broad range of media. Working with familiar materials and pictures, he manipulates them to create unexpected works with charged socio-political statements. Drawing on personal, political, and historical narratives, Pema reflects upon the increasing globalization of the world, and the way it impacts an individual’s sense of self. Like the artwork here presented, “a 1 Lek banknote, used in the period of totalitarianism, wrapped like a tube to suck narcotics and conserved in the interior of a black wooden frame, being exposed as a relic of a post-conventional generation”.


2013 “Interference”, The Bikini Gallery, New York, USA
2008 “From Station to Station”, Tirana Ekspres Center, Tirana, Albania
2007 “Play girl”, The Promenade Gallery, Vlora, Albania
2005 “Temperim 3”, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania
2002 “Temperim 2”, Veve Center Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2000“Temperim 1”, Veve Center Gallery, Tirana, Albania
1999 “Herbariumoid”, FAP Gallery, Tirana, Albania




Albania / Knots



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