Rubin Mandija


2015, Albania


About Selfportrait

“The selfportrait is a continuation of portraits and autoportraits in pencil, where “scrawling” an image in darkness creates a new dimension for contemplation. Considering the small format of Imago Mundi, I decided to reduce composition even more, drawing on the back of the canvas aiming to put it into the frame”. This is how Rubin Mandija describes his work. He was born in 1977 in Shkodra, graduated in Painting, Graphic Profile, from the “Prenkë Jakova” Art High School in 1996, and from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, in Monumental Sculpture, in 2000. For many years, he was a teacher of Sculpture at the “Prenkë Jakova”, and he currently is Director of Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Shkodra and artistic coordinator of the Albania-Montenegro Cross-Border Sculpture Symposium.


2014 Drawing Osten Biennale, Skopje, Macedonia
2014 City’s Arts Prize, Utazu, Japan
2013 International Symposium of Sculpture, Danilovgrad, Montenegro
2012 Drawing Biennale, Ferizaj, Kosovo
2005 Internationale Sommerakademie, Salzburg, Austria
2003 International Symposium of Sculpture, Changchun, China


Pencil on Canvas


Albania / Knots


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