Smart Working

Smart Working

Communication to all our customers:

Our company has limited operations in our Tirana offices and our employees work from home.

We made this decision given the ongoing coronavirus emergency and Covid19 advancement in Albania. We hope that it will be a very limited period, but we inform you that our offices will not open before April 3, 2020, a period which coincides with the necessary incubation period requested by the Albanian authorities.

Our hope is to be helpful in this and we invite you too to work from home. We can also help you, we have professional tools that allow you to do the job normally even remotely, and we would be happy to share them with you. By doing so, we will support ancient and fragile people not to expose themselves to risk and we will service the country to recuperate in a short period and without excessive loss. We are sure and confident that everything al last will be fine.

We also communicate that the manufacture of our beautiful products in Italy continues without problems. In this regard, we together send a big hug to all the employees of Photosì and Album Epoca who are at the forefront, working in hard conditions, ensuring the service to all of us. Come on guys, you are great.

We will keep in touch through our website portal and through communication channels, email, phone, WhatsApp etc. We are at your disposal for anything, our team works remotely but is in charge for everything you may need, as always.

For emergencies and situations for which the presence in our showrooms is essential, for deliveries or for the need of various materials, in any case it is possible that someone will also serve you from the office, of course by booking it first.

The moment is very difficult but as always, we have faith in our skills and our entrepreneurial spirit. We are all in the same boat and we are all sailing towards a future that will be better than the days we are going through. We have to work for that. Memories are important to your customers. Your customers are also the community that supports you at times like this. Work for them, we work for you. Let’s bring them the light of memories in these dark days. If you need that light to be printed by us, we are here, as always.

Thank You and #stayhome as much as it is possible.

EJAlbum Team

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