5 Years Together EJAlbum

5 Years Together EJAlbum

“5 Years Together” – Road Show and workshop with more than 250 Albanian photographers at the Castle of Rozafa in the city of Shkodër, Albania. Event in collaboration with FujiFilm Albania, Album Epoca and with the presence of Max De Martino.

On May 26th, 2014, officially five years have passed since EJAlbum entered the photography market and in the professional life of hundreds of Albanian photographers. The desire is, as always, not only to celebrate but to share and discuss about photography and of course, to grow and improve professionally together.

Digital albums were a mirage when we started offering them, but gradually, with hard work and perseverance, they became an integral part of any professional photographer’s presentation. We have been present since the first steps of the transformation of photographic studios into elegant showrooms, while wedding albums not only have evolved internally as layouts and photographs but also with modern and striking covers. Together we selected the best photos, we created exhibitions and samples, we expanded the range of events covered by the photographer and at the same time, we made possible to participate in various professional trainings and courses, in Albania and abroad . In short, we spent togather thi unforgettable years.

Wanting to continue all this and to share EJAlbum’s birthday again with our custommers, another event in our style has been prepared for the occasion: an educational project on photography, marketing, product presentation, etc. This time we joined another market leader. In collaboration with FujiFilm Albania, we organized this photographic RoadShow where, among other things, we entrusted a seminar to a well-known and important Italian photographer: Max De Martino, Testimonial Album Epoca, FujiFilm X-Photographer and Profoto Testimonial.

Where it seems as if time has stopped, in the midst of nature and elegance, among the marvellous  details of the Albanian brides in duality with the Venetian tradition of the region, under the advice of De Martino for the participants in the workshop, this way we celebrated EJAlbum birthday, in the presence of more than 250 Albanian photographers, who came from all regions of the country. Enjoy the video.

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