AE Academy 2011 – Empower Your Vision

AE Academy 2011 – Empower Your Vision

Here are some photos of these wonderful days, wishing that this experience will be repeated next year in Italy and why not in Tirana.

Here it is our last fantastic experience that we want to transform into a tradition: AE Academy – the annual meeting between photographers from all over the world and a leading company in the world of photography such as Album Epoca, part of the Italian group Photosì. In this edition, for the first time 15 Albanian photographers participated during the three days of this important event.

Rimini has become the setting for three intense days with a complex training program focused on the professional evolution of photographers, including those Albanians who participate periodically. This edition was attended by photographers from the best Albanian studios such as Fusha Photographics, Erdit Xhengo Photography, Foto Nikshiqi Shkodër, Foto Xeka Kavajë, Ervis Bostanxhi Studio Korçë, Lugano Studio Tiranë, Arben Bici Studio, Eugen Vorpsi and Studio Luli, Genti Xhaferraj Photography, Fatjon Hoxha, Ergys Zhabjaku, etc. Of course, these events are very important for the continuous training of the EJAlbum staff so we also participated with Julinda Mbrica, Fresida Koritari, Elton Koritari and Vasken Spiru.


Meanwhile, the idea of ​​a special edition of the AE Academy for Albania is materializing in Tirana. This, to satisfy the growing need of Albanian photography to embrace the global trends. So, if you are interested in registering now for the Italian edition for next year, or for the Albanian edition, write to us and, of course, stay in touch.


These are backstage videos with the important photographers Flavio Bandiera, David Beckstead and Bambi Cantrell.

Flavio Bandiera:

David Beckstead:

Bambi Cantrell:

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