We achieved another fantastic experience, a tradition for our photographers: AE Academy – the annual meeting between photographers from all over the world and a leading company in the world of professional photography, Album Epoca. This time the framework of three fantastic days, with a complex training program focused on the professional evolution of photographers, including Albanian photographers who regularly participate in the AE Academy, were two fantastic places, Colli del Tronto and Rimini. More than 15 teachers, among the most famous in the world, photographers but still; marketing experts, editors, motivators, representatives of successful companies, etc. The main motivation of AE Academy has always been the sharing of experiences, inspiration, personal growth but also the strengthening of the climate of cooperation in the sector. Speakers like; David Beckstead, Natalie Licini, Sam Sciarrino, Bambi Cantrell, Marc Anthony & Tony Ryan, Maggie Habieba, Lori Nordstrom, Will Cadena, Prisca Caroli, Max De Martino, Riccardo Pieri, Stefano List, etc. Under the guidance of Flavio Bandiera and Maurizio Morini and more Andrea Mainetti, Giacomo Gasperini, Rita Schiumarini, Lorenzo Perre, Emiliano Liverani, Gianluca Catzedu, etc. The event was held in collaboration with FujiFilm and Profoto, world leaders in the market. They introduced the latest innovations and in collaboration with Album Epoca gave the photographers the opportunity to touch and test these innovations during the seminar days.

The highlight of the two days was the launch of the new Album Epoca collection. The shape you give to the stories you make, as a photographer and narrator, really makes the difference. That’s why the range of Album Epoca products has been divided into Events and Styles. Think about it: when a customer enters your studio, most likely he is still looking forinformation, he does not know what to expect, nor what, and how many possibilities you can offer to him. You, as a professional photographer, have to transmit to your customers the invaluable value of printing their most important memories. So, Epoca propose a collection of 22 product lines that combine over 200 covers, a collection to be added to the existing one, improving the choice and expanding the range. Collection focused on a creative, sometimes capricious bride but even a modern, cosmopolitan and colorful one. The new collection is presented in collaboration with Vogue Italia and aims to identify a well-defined goal for our customers and is a growth opportunity for them to correctly present their work. It also aims to bring our photographers closer to a complex but wonderful world like fashion and focuses on the wishes and dreams of the most important clients, the brides. We will dedicate a long article to the new collection, while we hope that this post will bring you a little closer to the magical atmosphere of an AE Academy. So, if you are interested in signing up now for next year’s Italian edition or to propose us a Special Albanian edition, write us and stay tuned.

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