Album Epoca & Vogue Italia

Album Epoca & Vogue Italia

2018 will open with great news for Album Epoca. OOne of them, which we are particularly proud and enthusiastic, is that in the January issue of Vogue Italia, in fact, you will find special content dedicated to Album Epoca and our amazing products. Not a simple sponsorship, but a real editorial collaboration between Album Epoca and the prestigious fashion magazine. From the collaboration with Vogue was born the magazine “FOREVER – A world of memories”, a powerful communication tool that you can use to better present the proposal to future customers. The main objective of the project is in fact to unfold before the eyes of Vogue readers the entire universe of Album Epoca: the new album proposal, craftsmanship, Made in Italy, the search for design.

Thanks to the joint creative work with Vogue Italia, Album Epoca has created unique contents, capable of conveying the irreplaceable role of the professional photographer, a true storyteller for images, capable of distilling unique events in a lifetime – such as marriage – in quality shots.

Curious? Preview the magazine!



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