We have chosen ourselves as business partners and it is a choice that makes us proud of the results achieved over the years, even in a small but dynamic market like Albania. Album Epoca was founded in 2001 as a premium brand of the Italian company Photosì, founded in 1973, today the undisputed leader in Europe in photography and digital print. Album Epoca produces professional albums, frames, prints and much more.

Album Epoca products are exclusively handmade in Italy as embodiment of the best Italian tradition and style. Today, throughout the world Album Epoca is known for its high quality and unique design. Album Epoca works with over 20,000 professional photographers and exports its products all’over the world, being itself a leader in the market. EJAlbum, obviously through Album Epoca, is the leader in Albanian market with over 500 albums produced each year through almost 200 professional photographers and other companies. Entering in the world of Album Epoca you have the opportunity to be part of a global community. You also have access to an environment that stimulates and invests continuously in training and professional growth as well as having advanced technological access to provide professional products that concretize your work in sectors such as; wedding, birthdays, portrait, still life, fashion, reportage, boudoir, education, sport, art, etc.


Professional Albums

Handmade albums to celebrate life. Our professional photo albums are characterized by a modern and elegant design. They come in a wide range of models, styles, materials, colors and sizes. Album Epoca offers you a wide choice of customizable covers, you can choose from 9 materials and 102 designs that create over 100,000 different combinations. Our selection meets all the events and photo shoots: wedding, newborn, ceremonies, portrait, boudoir.

Choose the material and discover the range of available albums. Solutions to make your album and photo shoot even more unique. To add rhythm, to intensify the story, to enhance your images, you can choose the best paper texture for each spread. No limits to your creativity. The pages are heated in a specific furnace and glued together thanks to a special cardboard core, whose thickness ensures a higher resistance over time. Lay flat pages gives a splendid view of the entire spread. To enhance and highlight its elegance, the album pages are embellished with gold, silver or steel-grey gilding on the edges. When decoration turns into protection. This technique enhances the album and offers added protection to the pages over the years.

Each album is wrapped in a satin bag inside its packaging, which can be customized and coordinated with the album graphics. Made to stand the test of time thanks to the use of quality materials and craft techniques. Every event must be shared with our loved ones, that’s why we’ve created coordinated options for each album. Album Epoca albums are born this way. From the hands of our craftsmen and the technology of our engineers. With all our passion.

Professional Books

Event Book: The Event Book is a professional, fresh and versatile coffee table book that meets a modern and minimal taste, suitable for ceremonies, weddings, family portraits, fashion, reportage and much more. It is ideal for enhancing every shooting session. Available in smaller sizes for relatives. Thanks to the various formats available in three different orientations, your story always finds the perfect design to be told. The Event Book packaging can be simple and minimal or customized and coordinated with the book. Each event deserves to be shared. You can duplicate an Event Book in an equal or smaller version and enjoy a great promotion.

Professional Frame

Every photo session deserves to be displayed on a wall or tabletop frame that can fit with any decor. Furnishing accessories to frame your talent and create stories of unforgettable memories. Wood frame with silver, gold and bronze shiny finish. Print on Velvet, Matte, Canvas, Glossy under acrylic. Graphic passepartout optional. Wall and tabletop frames can be printed on Fujifilm photographic papers in silver halide or on Canvas. The printing quality of your photos is guaranteed by our labs. Every wall frame comes ready to hang. For tabletop frames you only need to screw in a support pin. We produce the best handcrafted frames with a quality that only a personal touch can guarantee. We take special care in the production of our frames from print to finish. Each frame is handmade paying close attention to every single detail.

Mated Prints

Mated Prints A smart box to keep your most important emotions. The Matted Prints are the perfect choice to enhance your pictures of ceremonies, portraits, fashion, reportage, art. Each Matted Print is made of high-quality black or white cardboard. The oblique cut of the inner edge gives depth to the print fixed to the frame, ensuring maximum quality and durability over time. Matted Print are assembled by hand to ensure the best possible quality for you and your customers. Each photo framed in this way turns your pictures into small paintings to be preserved and displayed. The wooden support base allows you to display your Matted Prints to tell the most significant moments. The range of available formats makes the Matted Prints perfect for every style of photo shooting, picture, and storytelling. You can request your design prints in the BASIC package or in the smart DELUXE box. Each Deluxe Matted Prints box can be customized with graphics that are designed to enhance the memory kept inside. Each box can be signed with the photographer’s or the photo studio’s name. The satin ribbon, coordinated with the graphics of the Deluxe box, can be chosen from four available colors.

Select at least 5 photos and create a composition here.


A unique solution to keep the memory of an event alive. The Usb&Box is the best solution to present and store your digital photos and videos. The USB flash drive has a capacity of 16 GB, which is excellent for storing high-quality photos and videos. The USB 3.0 technology ensures the best reading and writing speed, and makes the device compatible with most televisions and computers on the market.

The Box is covered with soft touch material, embellished with a ribbon that decorates the closure. Each Box can be customized with graphics that are designed to enhance the memory kept inside and make it unique and personal.

You can make the Box even more exclusive by adding, free of charge, the photo studio’s name inside. The Usb&Box is perfect both as a single offer and as an accessory coordinated with albums, photo books and framed prints. It’s easy, as you can choose from the options for customizing the product, and display the preview in real time.

Panels - Dibonds - Canvas

Ultralight panels, light and colorful.
Full-photo print on ultralight panel in polyester and PVC. 6 colors available. Print on Velvet, Glossy, Metal and Matte paper. Optional paper lamination: glossy and matte. Optional wood float mount hanger (10mm - ⅓ in). Optional color correction.

Dibond panels, slim and high catchy.
Full-photo print on aluminum panel with a polyethylene core. Print on Velvet, Glossy, Metal and Matte paper. Optional paper lamination: glossy and matte. Optional color correction.

Ultralight and Dibond panels can be printed on Fujifilm photographic papers in silver halide. The printing quality of your photos is guaranteed by our labs.

Canvas prints to add artistic value to your photos.
Photo print on canvas mounted on a wooden frame. Cotton canvas printed with watercolors. Wraparound edges. Optional color correction. All Canvas prints come ready to hang. The printing quality of your photos is guaranteed by our labs.

We produce the best handcrafted panels with a quality that only a personal touch can guarantee. We take special care in the production of our panels from print to finish. Each one is handmade paying close attention to every single detail

Album Epoca

Creating personalized photographic products is very simple with Album Epoca. This is another reason we chose this company as a partner in the printing sector. Besides the fact that Album Epoca products are of the highest quality in the world, they are also easily accessible. Moreover, through professional training programs like AE Academy and the dedicated support of a highly specialized staff in design and photography, there is no other better way to be at the forefront of the dynamic and evolving market of professional photography.
You can easily create any Epoca Album product by following these steps:

Every Album Epoca product can be customized and there are thousands of options available. Our catalog, as well as price lists, contain every detail of these features. Upon request we can also provide you with a Creative Guide where you can touch our materials with your own hand.

Every Detail...

We achieve maximum results by combining the latest technologies with the artisan quality that only man's hand can guarantee. Each product goes through different control processes because we know very well that the perfection comes only through the details. And our details makes the difference. It is this pursuit of perfection that has made us market leaders. There are over 20,000 photographers clients worldwide and over 200 Albanian photographers and professional studios to demonstrate this result. Thousands of brides, parents or even just simply people, enthusiasts of those details, have been lucky to own our products over this years. They can show you that our philosophy makes products that continue to excite, every time an Album Epoca is browsed just as every time a photograph is printed and hung on a wall in a FRAME or on a table in a MATTED PRINTS.





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