Life is made up of emotions, and our job is to turn those emotions into wonderful, tangible, ever-lasting memories. We do this by giving you access and the opportunity to print your memories on thousands of different products where the best Made in Italy design meets your limitless creativity and transforms your photos into photobooks, calendars, postcards, posters, home furnishing items. or offices, frames, bags, t-shirts, accessories, etc.

Photobook Racconti:

The perfect photo book to contain the most important memories. With soft-touch plasticized hard cover, printing on Fuji photographic paper and “continuous page” binding which enhances the photos distributed on two pages. Stories allows you to transform your photographs into wonderful, high quality books.

Photobook Eventi:

The Photo Book to tell all the stories of your life: passions, holidays, memories not to be missed. With matte or fabric hard cover with jacket and inner pages printed on glossy coated or glossy paper.

Photobook Attimi:

There is no occasion that does not deserve to be told in a photo book: the versatility of Attimi, with a soft cover and printied on matt or glossy paper, allows you to create all the albums that you want! Birthdays, parties, holidays will find their place!

Photobook Spirophoto, PhotoAlbum and Photobook from iPhoto:

A simple and practical Photo Book, and at the same time original. A creative way to keep your shots in order, thanks to the silver-colored spiral binding and the transparent PVC cover. Printing is on glossy photo paper or glossy coated paper.

Photographic printing and professional enlargements:

There is a special moment in all our photographs, which is why printing them is so beautiful. Among the many formats of PhotoSì prints you can find the one that best suits your every photo, starting from the traditional formats up to the new FotoKit with which you can tell your stories in an original and creative way.

Photo Calendars:

The perfect calendar for those who love the quality of photo paper: with this product your photos are transformed into a beautiful monthly calendar, printed on the same paper that we use for traditional digital prints.

Postcard, greeting cards, invitations, ecc.

Hundreds of backgrounds, themes and clip art at your disposal for infinite combinations. Here is a selection of customizable tickets for you, to give space to your creativity.

Ideal for your special invitations or for special menus, 2-door Tickets have all the space you need to express your creativity, thanks also to the many graphics to choose from.

The 3 and 4 door tickets are perfect for all occasions and projects that you want to take care of in the smallest details. You will find many graphics that will help you easily make everything you have in mind.

Photo ideas, T-Shirts, bags, puzzles, mouse pads, pets products, phone & tablet covers, etc.

Express your personality with your MyComposer images and graphics. Over 2000 products.The quality of the finished product will leave you breathless.

Home decor. Frames, photo enlargements, plexiglass, canvas, forex, etj.

Your photographs tell your personal and inimitable story and deserve an exceptional space! The customizable paintings are designed to enhance your images and furnish your home thanks to their modern design. Choose among the countless formats and colors the one that’s right for you.

Through the Internet, you have the opportunity to create your own photographic products and retrieve them at one of our locations. So try these products with your photographer: PHOTOSI.

It is worth mentioning here a very important and developing sector such as the professional photographic print, which is almost completely missing in Albania. EJAlbum, through the Italian company Photosi but also other partners, has given access to many Albanian photographers and artists and especially photography and design studios, to use it comfortably and propose it to the local market.You have the opportunity and access through EasyPrint to directly order professional products dedicated to photography and its exposure. CE certified photographic print and highly sought after for portfolio, exhibitions, archiving etc. Enlargements and especially assemblies in unique materials and in absolutely inaccessible quality from the local market are realized on-demand, ie at the request of the institution and the customer. This gives you the opportunity to bid in public and private bidding and to print professionally in professional photographic quality. Further, we feature c-prints up to 70×100 cm in some types of paper also in Fine Art and mounted on aluminum, k-foam with or without board, legger, dibond, plexiglass, etc. All this fulfills a philosophy of this company which is summed up in its mission: Art Into Art.

For any questions or doubts you may have, do not hesitate to write HERE. We will respond to you in the shortest possible time.