Throughout these years, we have been involved and in touch with art and photography in all its possible forms. So, alone and in collaboration with our partners, we have created genuine communities around us and our projects with artists, photographers, designers, public, etc.

We are the authors or co-authors of:

•“Onufri Remade”
•“AE Accademy Albania”
•“Hapësira Zero Space”
•“Days of Italian Photography in Tirana”
•“Photography Showcase”
•“Best Photography Award”
•“The Best Camera Is The One You Have With You”
•“Yunus Emre Photography Course”

We have collaborated in competitions, contests and visual arts events, such as:

•“TIFF” – Tirana International Film Festival
•“FOKUS Award” – International Artistic Photography Contest
•“PreFoto” – International Photography Competition
•“Albanian Pavilion” – LA Biennale di Venezia

We are partners in many projects with:

•National Gallery of Kosovo

•Ministry of Culture of Albania and Kosovo
•Municipality of Tirana, Fier, Korça, etc.
•Italian Institute of Culture in Tirana
•Turkish Institute of Culture “Junus Emre”
•National Gallery of Arts in Tirana
•University of Arts in Tirana,
•Art Galleries like: “Me We”, “C.O.D.”, FAB”, etc.
Embassies, private companies as well as many public and private institutions that work with art, culture and communication in Albania.

They say about us (tv chronicle):