In this 11 years of presence in the Albanian market, EJAlbum has been an indisputable protagonist not only in the photography sector but also by curating dozens of national and international exhibitions. We have an important know-how in this sector. We can print in any format, size and support but can also curate and communicate to public exhibitions and visual art events.

It is impossible to find museums and galleries in Albania where we have not exhibited or curated at least once. We have printed and curated exhibitions at the National Gallery of Art in Tirana and Pristina, at the COD Gallery, at the FAB Gallery, at the Youth Center, the National History Museum, the City TEN Center, etc.

Selected exhibitions (last years)

12-25.02.2020 – “Onufri Remade”
Exhibition & Contemporary Art Prize
Clients: National Gallery of Kosovo, Ministry of Culture of Kosovo, “MEWE” Gallery.

09.10.2019 – “Tirana Foto Festival”
Exhibition – at National Historical Museum, Tirana.
Client: Visit Albania & Municipality of Tirana.

2018 – “Zero Space”
Exhibition – Padiglione dell’Albania alla 16 Mostra di Architettura – La Biennale di Venezia.
Clients: –  Ministry of Culture of Republic of Albania and Municipality of Tirana.

2018 – “Gjon Mili Museum”
Exhibition – “Gjon Mili Museum” – Korca, Albania.
Clients: – Municipality of Korca, Ministry of Culture of Republic of Albania and Trans Atlantic Pipeline.

30.11.2018 – “80 Years of Bank of Albania”
Client: – Bank of Albania.

2017 / 2018 / 2019 – “Fokus Award”
Exhibition & Photo Festival.
Client: Municipality of Fier.

13.09.2017 – “25 Years”
Exhibition at COD Gallery.
Client: – Embassy of Switzerland in Albania.

18-23.11.2016 – “I Speek Albanian”
Exhibitions at  National Art Gallery, National Historical Museum and COD Gallery.
Clients: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and The Ministry of Culture.

18.10.2016 – “Comunità Italia / Books and magazines of architecture and design from Italy”
Exhibition at  National Art Gallery, Tirana.
Clients: “IIC Tirana” and “The Triennale Milano”.

04-12.2016  – “Journal of a Space”
Exhibition at National Art Gallery.
Clients: AKPT and Kube Studios.</b>

12.04.2016 – “Ancient cities and landscapes of Albania. A century of Italian-Albanian archaeological missions”
Exhibition at National Historical Museum, Tirana.
Client: Embassy of Italy in Albania.

05.04.2016 – “I And Budapest”
Exhibition at Fab Gallery.
Client: Embassy of Hungary in Albania.

22.02.2016 – “Evoked – Architectural Diptychs”
Exhibition at FAB Gallery.
Clients: AKPT, Polytechnic University of Bari and Intbau Albania.

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