Building a Dream

Building a Dream

This is our first presentation to the general Albanian public together with Album Epoca and Photosi. Klik Expo Klik is the largest Albanian fair with almost 200K visitors. Our stand was among the most visited during the fair week and our products, with their innovation and magic were touched by the hands of thousands of people but of course the biggest interest was from the photographers, a good part of whom had the opportunity to be introduced for the first time to photofinish products, especially photo albums.

Photo Album Design is a new concept in the Albanian photographic world. Our products are handmade, such as Professional Photographic Albums, Model Books, Product and Company Presentation Books and Photo Albums for any occasion or event.

EJAlbum is exclusive distributor of Album Epoca & Photosi in Albania. Italia is unequivocally world’s leader in design and high quality with the distinct advantage of boasting “Made in Italy,” in itself a highly marketable affirmation. Ferrari, Gucci, Armani, Prada, Versace, Lamborghini etc are immediately associate with the highest quality and the most innovative design. So it is: Album Epoca…

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