Elio Bajramaj

Concern of the Future

2015, Albania

About Elio Bajramaj

Eljo Bajramaj was born in Durres, in 1979. He attended the “Jan Kukuzeli” Art High School in Durres, then in 1998 he moved to Rome and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome in 2004. He currently lives and works in Durres.


2008 Solo exhibition,Jozef Arts Gallery,Durres, Albania
2008 Solo exhibition,Domenico De Vito ArtGallery, Rome, Italy
2007 Solo exhibition,Landes-Museum ArtGallery, Klagenfurt,Austria
2004 Solo exhibition,Palazzo Ferrajoli ArtGallery, Rome, Italy
1993 Solo exhibition,The Gallery of Art,Durres, Albania



Acrylic on Canvas


Albania / Knots



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