Ilir Kaso

I Am the River

2015, Albania

About Ilir Kaso

Born in 1982 in Permet, he graduated in 2005 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, where he currently works as a lecturer. Winner of several national awards, he is currently completing a Master in Visual Anthropology at the Institute for Albanology Studies of Tirana. The work performed by the artist is part of a project started in 2013, a result of the diversion of several rivers in the south and is a project that highlights the close relationship between man and nature. The ritual of diving in the river is not only an act of defiance, but also a rite of maturation. This, spiritual and essential image, becomes iconographic in the same moment in which the body is preparing to touch the surface of the water.


2013 “I am the river”, Solo exhibition, Beton 7, Miza Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2012 “I am the river”, Solo exhibition, Beton 7, Athens, Greece
2012 “Ëndërrimtarë të realitetit”, Solo exhibition, FAB Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2012 “Oxymoron”, Solo exhibition, Lokal-int, —Biel-Bienne, Switzerland

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