Ledia Kostandini

Dot To Dot

2015, Albania

About Ledia Kostandini

Born in 1983 in Pogradec, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, where she lives and works. After graduation, she has constantly been involved in projects, collaborations, solo and group exhibitions and her work focuses mainly on mixed media, combining different techniques and materials, usually working on structures or existing objects. The portrait is treated as an extracted sequence from the artist’s genetic mosaic. Portraits of people, drawn from old photographs of the family, come as archaeological excavations discovered in the depths of generations. The artist tries to construct a genetic map. The portrait is similar to the game “dot to dot”, where the interconnection between points reveals the enigma. All the game  starts and ends as an auto-portrait.


2013-2014 Supermarket
2014 Stockholm Independent Art Fair, Sweden and Zeta Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2013-2014 “Çentro Estetike”, Solo exhibition, Miza Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2012 Residency & presentation at the ISCP, New York, USA
2011 “Ardhje” Award, First prize, Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts, FAP and Zeta Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2011 “Rewind-Play- Forward”, Exhibition Akademie, Graz, Austria
2009 “Jeune Creation”, 104 Gallery, Paris, France
2008 “My Space” Tirana-Berlin, Haus am Lotzoëplatz, Berlin, —Germany




Albania / Knots


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