Llambi Blido

2015, Albania

About Llambi Blido

Born in 1939, he started university studies at the Repin Academy of Fine Arts, Leningrad, Graphic Department, and completed them in the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana. As Lekë Tasi, one his friend, states: “If we use music as a metaphor, the artist is a distinctive voice in the Albanian Paintings. His work encompasses the delicate melody of his temperament. It includes the malleable and sensitive design, as well as a set of rules regarding color. These features have consolidated during decades of work”.


Throughout his long career, Blido has participated in many exhibitions in Albania and abroad, such as: Cologne, Bonn, Overath and Gelsenkirchen in Germany in 1991-1992;
a solo exhibition at the National Gallery of Arts in Tirana in 1992,
a solo exhibition at the Dajti Gallery in Tirana in 1998.
A notable achievement of the artist is the contribution to establishing the Nentori national annual exhibition. Although blind since ten years now, he continues to create and display his works.

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