Natasha Bega

Art and Womens will Change the World

2015, Albania

About Natasha Bega

Born in 1953 in Tirana, she holds a degree in Psychology and Russian Language. In 1992 she begins a multi-dimensional artistic career. Natasha Bega has published two novels and seven books of poetry, has created two full-length and medium-length movies, has played a number of concerts, has launched a folk music album, but painting remains her main medium of expression. Her work for Imago Mundi declares that a new civilization will rule the world as a necessity to complete the cosmic cycle. It is art and woman that will bring this change forth, because they are the only ones who bring in themselves creation.


Over 40 solo exhibitions in Albania, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, USA, United Arab Emirates, etc.



Oil on Canvas


Albania / Knots



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