Vladimir Caridha


2015, Albania

About Vladimir Caridha

Born in Elbasan in 1959, he graduated in Sculpture from the ”Jordan Misja” Art High School in Tirana in 1978, and in Ceramic Sculpture from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana in 1993. For 14 years he has been teaching at the “Onufri” Art High School in Elbasan, since 1983, and immigrated to Greece until 2007. He currently lives in his hometown and runs his own studio in the old neighbourhood of the city.


2013 “To Martyrs”, 3.3m. concrete, fortress, Elbasani, Albania
2009 “To Elbasani Teachers”, 6.2m. monumental composition, Elbasani, Albania
2007 “Screech”, 2.4m. bronze composition, Elbasani, Albania
1987 National exhibition, “First Steps”, ceramic work, part of the NGA Fund
1984 National exhibition, “Limon Picker”
1979 Participation in the national exhibition with the work “Assembers”


Mixed Media


Albania / Knots



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