Xheneta Kadillari

The Wait

2015, Albania

About Xheneta Kadillari

Born in Shkodra in 1959, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana in 1978. She has been awarded several prizes during her career, particularly the bronze medal at the 15Biennale of Mediterranean Painters held in Alexandria, Egypt,in 1984, silver medal at the 37th Competition of the EuropeanAcademy of Arts in Gembloux, Belgium, in 2007, and the medal“Naim Frashëri”, awarded by the Presidium of the NationalAssembly of Albania in 1989.


2009 Solo exhibition, Kledio Gallery, Tirana
2006 Solo exhibition, City Gallery, Ulcin, Montenegro
2000 Solo exhibition, A.L Gallery, Podgorica, Montenegro
1997 Solo exhibition, City Hall, Haren, Germany
1996 Solo exhibition, “NassauGang” Gallery, Assen, Holland

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