Gjon Mili Museum in Korca

Gjon Mili Museum in Korca

Inaugurated in the city of Korça, the birthplace of the famous photographer  Gjon Mili, the museum dedicated to his work and life, conceived as an experiential museum, spotting the work of the great artist but also as a meeting point for Albanian photography.The museum’s opening day crowned a long journey and inter-institutional collaboration between the many partners wo worked and make possible the realization of the entire project. EJAlbum was the contractor for the artworks, interiors, print and the communication of the museum and the artist’s collection.This museum is located on the center of the city in the building called Romanian House, completely renovated and customized for the Gjon Mili Museum, thus returning the great artist to his native town.

Not to be missed in the museum: The Events and Exhibitions Room with the Gjon Mili Light Installation, the Long Exposure & Light Painting Experimental Room, the Stroboscopic Light Room, the Life Magazine Pavilion, the Gjon Mili Documentary Room by the The Curator Yllka Gjollesha, the artists career &history pavilion with all the exposed works. EJAlbum did a complex work in realizing the project. The Gjon Mili Museum embodies our mission to bring visitors to photography through the work and life of one of the best artists of the last century.

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