Album Epoca New Collection

Album Epoca New Collection

Our new collection is a fantastic mix of 9 precious materials, 102 covers, 3 types of bindings, limitless personalizations and different photographic papers. All this, for a result of over 100,000 combinations divided into 4 lines by type of customer; Silk, Gold, Flower and Denim. Our selection covers all events and all categories of photography: wedding, newborn, children, important ceremonies, portraits, family portraits, etc.
We thought every detail to personalize your album, which will be printed on many types of photographic paper, such as: Matte, Matte mMtal or Glossy Metal and why not, our latest Velvet paper, which recalls immediately the old photography paper and has a silk touch. Then you can choose the format and size of the album; the album can be square, vertical or horizontal. Decide the material; Fabric, Leather or eco-leather of many colors, Ecological wood, a combination of nature and craftsmanship, Natural stone for customers looking for exclusivity and high quality, Steel, inspired by the world of technology and design , Plexyglas, which protects your photography and transforms the album into an elegant and modern object. You can add various customizations to your album such as laser engravings, metal bands, gold, silver or steel gilding, etc. You can customize the external box with your names. Without forgetting that it is possible to add albums for family members, your family will be happy to have a copy of the album to browse and proudly show.
Are you curious to touch our new collection with your own hands? Contact us.

You can olso download a copy of Forever Magazine here.

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