Imago Mundi – Artists Portraits

Dear Imago Mundi artist, create your portrait and help us to make your profile more complete.
Show the world the artist you are.

How it works?


You shoot and upload 3 videos about you.


We moderate and edit the material.


We publish it on

What to shoot?

Who are you?

VIDEO 1 — While looking at the camera, tell us about you and how you would describe yourself as an artist.

Where you live?

VIDEO 2 — Film your city, your region, the area you live in and tell as how it influences the artist you are.

Your work?

VIDEO 3 — Film your work, you work in your studio and give us a clear statement about what art means to you ..

Just two simple rules

- Shoot in landscape orientation

- Record each video of maximum 30/60 seconds of length

Create your Artist Portrait.

Your 3 videos will be edited into one short that later will be published on the website. Show the world the artist you are.

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