“Journal of a Space” Exhibition at NGA. Print curated by EJAlbum

“Journal of a Space” Exhibition at NGA. Print curated by EJAlbum

A very nice job we had the opportunity to take care of part of the installation and the printing of different materials, in collaboration with our local partner, AVizion Studio. The exhibition launched as a several-month-long presentation of the vision of Albania 2030 — General National Plan, Integrated Cross-Sectorial Plan for the Economic Zone Tiranë-Durrës. It was further elaborated and took the form of a place that narrates on Albania, the formation of it settlements, the treasures that it carries and of which we should become aware; which also tells of the damages that we have caused upon the territory, but also about the potentials of our land.

A journey in time and space, like a journal on which the history of the territory is written, where it is spoken about the present, and the vision of the future is projected. The exhibition was organized by the Ministry of Urban Development and the National Territory Planning Agency. A very complex job, with many visuals and experiential elements, an exhibition lasting over 7 months, exhibited on the third floor of the National Gallery of Arts in Tirana. We are very proud working on this project also because at the same time on making of this exhibition in the National Gallery of Arts in Tirana, there were three exhibitions from here we were contractors or curators. Curing events and exhibitions is one of the most important skills of working or collaborating with EJAlbum.

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