Max De Martino in Albania

Max De Martino in Albania

In this link you can see a video that presents some works of the photographer Max De Martino, our exceptional guest during the “Photography Road Show”, the event we organized for our fifth anniversary. Of course the enthusiasm and professionalism that Max transmits live is missing in this video, but it is still interesting and necessary to get to know something about him.

Max De Martino will host a lesson and a workshop on motivation and change, photography today and its relations with the crisis in the sector in general, but also its concrete example of success. The importance of being “invisible” during an event. All the workshop will be done with FujiFilm’s X-series cameras.

Max De Martino is one of the 4 FujiFilm Italia X-Photographers. He started working in photography since 1990 as director of photography during the European tour of Eros Ramazzotti. Video operator for the interviews of Madonna, Bruce Springsteen, Lou Reed and lvideo director for the musical tour of Pino Daniele, Antonello Venditti, Vasco Rossi, Ennio Morricone and many others. For 27 years he has been photographing for clients and companies such as Chanel, Vodafone, Fastweb and Pininfarina and for many illustrious Italian and foreign writers. Member of the “Tau Visual” Association of Professional Photographers. He collaborates with various NGOs such as “Children in the Desert” and “The Tree of Life”. It organizes photography courses for beginner and professional photographers. He has been to over 27 countries, including regions such as Chernobyl, the Middle East etc. In June 2008, he was the first photographer to present a photographic exhibition with a personal view of Iraq in the Kurdistan region. The works, entitled “No Wars”, was later donated to the University of Erbil (the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan), where it is currently exhibited. De Martino is a Fujifilm certified teacher as well as of course one of the important speakers of Album Epoca.

Do not miss this important event that we organized with our partner FujiFilm Albania. You are all invited.

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