Aldi Zgjani

Sit Still Seeking (Series) III

2015, Albania

About Aldi Zgjani

Born in Tirana in 1984, in 2003 he graduated from the “Jordan Misja” Art High School in his hometown, and in 2008 he graduated in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara, Italy. He lives and works in Tirana. His work for Imago Mundi is part of the Sit Still Seeking series, that try to poke the spectator. The latter tries to frame the work of art, according to his own memory. After all, it’s important that the spectator doubts what is in front of him.


2013 “Andata e Ritorno”, Solo exhibition, Tirana, Albania
2012 Solo exhibition, Small Gallery, Tirana, Albania
2010 Participation in “Muslim Mulliqi 2010” art exhibition, Prishtina, Kosovo
2009 Participation in “Onufri”, International Art Competition, Tirana, Albania
2009 Participation in “Ardhje” art competition, —Tirana, Albania


Albania / Knots

Artwork info


Acrylic, Permanent marker