Arjan Shehaj


2015, Albania

About Arjan Shehaj

“The works on canvas on paper of Arjan Shehaj arise from a constant reflection on the practice of painting basics starting from the choice of the surface, color, and reflex sign. He rejects any notion of imitation, representation or attachment to reality, Shehaj chooses to reduce his work by using only the basic elements with a violent push to the straight-line (even if it is repeated with pencil), the biting profile and the flat color, typical for the modernist tradition, Shehaj points out the need to create another universe, in which creative geometry enables the creation of a new order characterized by anicronical eurithmical compositions. His work is also a story that shows metapainting practice of painting in its day-after-day fall where colors, plans and visuals decompose”.
Daniele Capra


2015 “Geometrie Poetiche”, Solo exhibition, Marianne Wild Arte Contemporanea UnicA Gallery, Chieti, Pescara, Italy
2015 “Amori Possibili, autoritratto in viaggio”, Solo exhibition, Milan, Italy
2014 “Energy”, Solo exhibition, Alessio Moitre Gallery, Turin, Italy
2013 “Siamo quel che mangiamo, sostenibilità e arte,” Group exhibition, Atrium of The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, USA
2012 “Il viaggio verso la pittura”, Solo exhibition, Jean Blanchaert Gallery, Milan, Italy
2012 “Pre Post Contemporaneo”, Jean Blanchaert Gallery,


Albania / Knots

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