Eltjon Valle

En Haut

2015, Albania

About Eltjon Valle

Born in Kuçova in 1984, he graduated from the Academy of FineArts of Brera, in Milan, in 2007, specializing in Visual Arts in 2009. His birthplace is known for oil reserves and oil is a commonelement in his works. He currently lives and works in Milan.The work for Imago Mundi is “a piece of the roof under which helived for 25 years”. He takes with him the crucial things in life. Thiswork is part of a series.


2015 “Missing earth”,Galleria MaurizioCaldirola ArteContemporanea, MonzaItaly
2013 “There will be oil”,Nuova Galleria Morone,Milan, Italy
2010 “Così vicina. Così lontana. Arte in Albania prima e dopoil
1990”, Villa Croce Contemporary Art Museum, Genoa, Italy
2008 “Marinz”, NationalGallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania


Albania / Knots

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Mixed media, tar with clotted petroleum