Gjovalin Paci


2015, Albania


About Gjovalin Paci

Born in Shkodra in 1958, during 1978-1994 he worked as a  photograph and designer for “Nëntori”, the magazine of the Albanian army. Having a hard childhood, Gjovalin Paci embraced art as an opportunity to let his rich and creative soul express itself. He is one of the first Albanian painters who exhibited his works at the Gallery of the European Commission in Brussels a baked acrylic portrait of Mother Teresa. During 30 years of work, he has produced around 4000 works of art and has explored every genre of figurative art, composition and portrait, as well as other techniques, e.g. acrylic, oil, tempera, gouache, graphic techniques and black and white.


2013 Solo exhibition, Former political prison of Spaç, Mirdita, Albania
2012 Solo exhibition, Szépművészeti Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary
2010 Solo exhibition, Austrian Parliament, Vienna, Austria
2006, 2007 Solo exhibition, European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
2004 Solo exhibition, National Gallery of Arts, Tirana, Albania
1984 Solo exhibition, City Art Gallery, Shkodra, Albania


Albania / Knots

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