Maks Velo

2015, Albania


About Maks Velo

Born in Paris in 1935, he spent his childhood in Korçë. He graduated in Engineering and Architecture in Tirana, where he lives and works. Much of his career was conditioned by years spent in the infamous Spaç internment camp, condemned at the peak of his career. Degrading conditions experienced in prison are deeply rooted in his memory, as he narrates in many books and works he published. He creates in many genres of art: painting, prose, poetry, journalism, and is also committed in actuality issues, besides being one of the best architects in Albania. Velo’s contempt for tyranny and dictatorship prevails and is clear in this work he specifically made for Imago Mundi.


Over 40 solo exhibitions and many group ones across the globe, since his release from Communist prison in 1991, but even before conviction. As a champion of human rights and democratic freedoms, he became an active member of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in 1992. Many books speak of him and he continues writing books giving a multi-decade contribution to arts and —humanism.