Mimi Memiaj

Abstraction “Bubble Attack”

2015, Albania


About Mimi Memiaj

Born in Tirana in 1973, she studied Fashion Design and Fiber Art at “Milan Fashion Campus”, Italy, in 2003-2007. She is President of the Association of Albanian Artists and Stylists of Haute Couture and Fiber Art “Fashion in Focus”, and a member of the international association “Fiber Art Artist”. She has also received many awards, such as “Best Feltmaker Artist” for Fiber Art in 2014. She collaborates with handicraftsmen and suburban communities, and uses mainly ecological and local materials. She explains the work for Imago Mundi with these words: “Abstracted grains of pomegranate worked on felt; this is contemporary technique, but is used for over 4,000 years and created by the combination of natural fibres of wool and silk from the Alps and north Albania. It is an ecological product, —because organic products were used for dyeing too”.


2015 “Pomegranate”, Solo exhibition, Fiber art in 3D, Tirana, Albania
2015 “Felting Lithography”, Solo exhibition, Tirana, Albania
2015 “Polyphony of Art Felting on Canvas”, Solo exhibition, Gjirokastër, Albania
2012 “Künstler der bildenden Kunst” in fabric, Berlin Biennale, Berlin, Germany
2011 “Tradition in Transition”, Solo exhibition, Tirana, Albania
2009 Exhibition of 100 best artists of Fiber Art, Rome, Italy
2009 “Fiber art Home Décor”, Solo exhibition,  Athens, Greece


Albania / Knots

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