Parlind Prelashi


2015, Albania

About Parlind Prelashi

Born in 1971 in Lezha. After graduation from the Art High School in Shkodra in 1990, he moved to Athens in 1991 and then to Florence in 1994, the city where he currently lives and works. In Florence he attended a nude course in 1998-2000, and then Direction, Editing and Photography courses at the Scuola Nazionale di Cinema Indipendente. He has produced several short films and artistic videos, and participated in many national and international exhibitions with paintings, photos and video art.


2015 InternationalBiennale of Works onPaper, Museum of VillaVecchia, Rome, Italy
2015 InternationalBiennale of Works onPaper, National Museumof History, Tirana,Albania
2015 “Stemperando”,National Library, Turin,Italy
2014 “Hall of Carriages”,Palazzo Strozzi,Florence, Italy
2013 Palagio di ParteGuelfa, Florence, Italy
2012 Limonaia di PalazzoStrozzi, Florence, Italy
2012 Museum of RomanCivilization, Rome, Italy2005 Art Fair Salzburg,Austria


Albania / Knots

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