Vladimir Myrtezai (Grosha)


2015, Albania


About Vladimir Myrtezai (Grosha)

Born in Shkodra in 1958, he studied at the “Jordan Misja” Art High School in Tirana and graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Tirana, where he worked at the Institute of Cultural Monuments for ten years, and then started his academic life at the Academy of Fine Arts. He currently teaches a study programme in the Multimedia Department in the same Academy. That’s how he describes his artwork: “Often the dilemma tantalising the artist in front of a plane keeps me stuck in the emotional memory that I have in use. Everything translates into sensation from the instinct of reading the plane any time I have it before me. This travelling memory mingles —with the testimonies of matter with conquered visual tension”.


Many solo and group exhibitions at the National Gallery of Arts and at FAB Gallery in Tirana, and in many cities of the world such as Berlin, Cologne, Athens and in the USA. He has participated in many editions of the “Onufri”, International Art Competition.


Albania / Knots

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