Artan Shabani

Homo Balcanicus (The Dancer)

2015, Albania


About Artan Shabani

Artan Shabani was born in 1969 in Vlora and currently lives between Tirana and Turin. In 1991 he moved to Italy, then traveled to France and Spain, constantly working with different artistic projects. Shabani is the founder of the Promenade Gallery in Vlora. From October 2013 he is Director of the National Gallery of Arts, Tirana. As an artist he works with a broad spectrum of media such as painting, drawing, photography, video and installation. Homo Balcanicus is an romantic creature of the artist that lives in a world far from actual cliches deformation. “Homo balcanicus (The Dancer)” enlights with his being the Balcanic and —Mediterranean landscapes.


2014 Arab Guggenheim Museum and White House Biennial, The Kennedy Bunker, Berlin, Germany
2013 Flash Art Event, Palazzo del Ghiaccio, Milan, Italy
2012 13th International Architecture Venice Biennale, “In Heritage”, Albanian Pavilion, Palazzo Zorzi, Venice, Italy
2010 “Talking About”, Solo exhibition, La Générale en Manufacture Sèvres, Paris, France
2010 “The Beatles Yeah! Yeah!”, Solo exhibition, Alexander Alvarez Gallery, Alessandria, Italy
2009 53rd Venice Biennale, Collateral Event, “Krossing / Oltre i Confini tra i Territori, Oltre i Confini tra Artista e Spettatore”, Forte Marghera, Venice, Italy